Top 5 Tools to Batch Convert PDF to JPG

Converting PDF files to JPG images can be a handy task for various purposes. To do this efficiently, you need the right tools. In this article, we'll explore the top 5 tools that allow you to batch-convert PDF to JPG. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, there's a tool on this list for you.

PDF to JPG Conversion Tools

Tool Name Website Link Price
SmallPDF SmallPDF Website Free, Pro available. Batch Convert is available in Pro Version Only.
PDF Element PDF Element Website From $9 per month (Yearly Plan)
PDF2JPG PDF2JPG Website Free.
Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat Website From $19 per month.
Free PDF To JPG Converter Free PDF To JPG Converter Website Free.

Tools to Batch Convert PDF to JPG

1. Smallpdf - No need to download Anything!

Smallpdf is a lightweight PDF-to-JPG converter that also offers other PDF-related tools. It's easy to use and compatible with various devices and operating systems. However, batch conversion is limited to the pro version.  
Pros Cons
Lightweight and easy to use. Free service is online only.
Compatible with multiple devices. No OCR support for JPG files.
Offers secure file encryption. Batch conversion in the pro version only.
Provides a free online service.  
  Verdict: PDFelement is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users. Its speed, versatility, and user-friendly interface make it the top pick for batch PDF to JPG conversions.

2. PDFelement - Paid, but has most features!

PDFelement is fast, user-friendly, and supports various file formats. The free version lets you convert up to three PDF files at once. The best part is that it maintains the quality of your images. It's available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It's a great option for those looking for truly professional options.   
Pros Cons
Supports batch conversion (up to 3 files). The free version limits you to 3 conversions.
Fast processing. High Cost.
Compatible with many file formats.  
Offers a range of useful tools.  
Intuitive interface.  
  Verdict: PDF2JPG is an excellent choice for quick and simple PDF-to-JPG conversions. Its real-time status updates and high-quality output make it a reliable tool for occasional use.

3. PDF2JPG - Another great online converter!

PDF2JPG is a simple online PDF-to-JPG converter that doesn't require any software installation. It provides real-time conversion status and delivers high-quality output files. However, it lacks advanced PDF features.  
Pros Cons
Real-time conversion status. Limited PDF features.
No limit on the number of pages. Online-only service.
Downloads images as Zip files. The interface could be improved.

4. Adobe - Best for professionals!

Adobe offers a powerful PDF-to-JPG conversion service. It supports various image formats and ensures a quick two-step conversion process. However, the free version is available online, and the pro version is costly with a limited trial period.  
Pros Cons
Supports multiple image formats. The free version is online only.
Fast and easy conversion process. Limited 7-day trial for the pro version.
7-day trial for Adobe Acrobat Pro. High Cost.
  Verdict: Adobe is a powerhouse for PDF to JPG conversions. Its speed and format support are impressive. However, the pro version's cost and limited trial period might not suit everyone.

5. Free PDF To JPG Converter - Best for Windows!

Free PDF To JPG Converter does exactly what its name suggests—it's free and converts multiple PDF files into JPG images. It's a straightforward one-step process, but it's primarily for converting image or photo PDFs, and it's limited to Windows.  
Pros Cons
Quick, one-step conversion. Limited to Windows.
Supports batch conversion.  
Creates archives of images in one PDF.  
Verdict: Free PDF To JPG Converter is a convenient choice for Windows users looking to convert image or photo PDFs. It's a straightforward tool for basic conversion needs.


Choosing the right PDF to JPG converter can make your workflow smoother. Each of the tools listed above has its own strengths and limitations. Whether you prefer the versatility of PDFelement, the simplicity of Smallpdf, the speed of PDF2JPG, the power of Adobe, or the straightforwardness of Free PDF To JPG Converter, there's a tool that suits your needs. Pick the one that aligns with your requirements and start converting PDFs to JPGs with ease.