PDF vs JPEG file size

PDF and JPEG are among the most widely used file formats, as they are quite convenient and suitable for everyday work. But there are some significant changes between the two, the main difference being the file size of these two formats. In this article, we shall discuss PDF vs JPEG file size.

PDF vs JPEG file size

The size of PDF files is quite larger than that of JPEG, mainly because it contains rich media like graphics, animations, videos, audio and much more. These files preserve the size of images and other media, and hence, no changes occur to the file. Whereas JPEG contains compressed digital images in a single layer, which makes it comparatively small. This compression is also known as lossy compression. Lossy compression simply means that the quality of the file gets affected every time you save time as the image data is lost little by little.

Let’s take a look at other significant differences between PDF and JPEG files:

Serial No.                 PDF                   JPEG
1.       PDF files retain the high-quality image quality, which makes the media look similar to the original one. JPEG files lower the image quality every time you save them.
2.       Since PDFs are high-quality file formats, they are the most suitable for printing. Not the best file format when it comes to printing.
3.       PDF files comprise several types of media like images, videos, graphics and much more. JPEG contains compressed digital images.
4.       PDFs allow users to select and copy the desired text. However, the JPEG file formats do not allow the users to copy text, only images as a whole.

Can you change the file size of PDF and JPEG files?

File sizes of file formats like PDFs and JPEGs can be changed easily using various software, apps and online converters. However, changing the file size can result in an affected image quality; for example, a file having a small size might night have the best picture quality. Adobe and Wondershare PDFelement and few of the best platforms to change file sizes.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does converting JPEG to PDF reduce file size?

Yes, when you convert JPEG to PDF, the PDF gets compressed, which results in a smaller file size. However, the quality of the file remains the same.

2. What size PDF is too big?

Any PDF file above the size of 1MB is considered a big file.

3. Is JPEG the best quality?

JPEG files are not the best quality and definitely suitable for printing purposes. PNG is considered a higher-quality format.

4. Does JPEG reduce file size?

JPEG files consist of compressed digital images; this compression is also known as loppy. This compression, also known as lossy compression, significantly reduces the file size.  


We hope this article made it easy for our readers to understand the difference between the file sizes of the two file formats, PDF and JPEG. Stay connected to the space for more such content!