JPEG vs PDF for printing

Wondering what is the best file format for printing among JPEG and PDF? We are here to help you out. In this article, we have discussed the significant differences between the two formats so that it is easy to figure out which one stands out for printing purposes. Let’s take a look.

JPEG vs PDF for printing:

File Format Portable Document Format or PDF is a type of file format that consists of different types of information like texts, graphics and fonts. Whereas JPEG contains compressed digital images. In other words, it is a graphic image file.
Editability The main advantage of PDF is that it allows the users to edit different components of the file while preserving the layout. Since JPEG contains compressed digital images into a single layer, it cannot be separated into different components.
Sile size ` Since PDF files are more reliable for storing documents and storage, they are quite large and take up much space on your desktop. The size of JPEG files is comparatively small compared to PDF files and takes much less space on your desktop.
Copying text Users can select and copy the text from a PDF file. On the other hand, JPEG doesn’t allow the users to copy the text. However, the image can be copied as a whole.
Quality PDF files look quite similar to the original document or image and are displayed on different devices with the best quality. JPEG contains compressed files that are much smaller in size; the quality of this format isn’t that great when compared to PDF.

From the above table, we can infer that PDF is the best-suitable file format for printing images, graphs and documents. PDFs are high-quality files and retain the original documents and images in such a manner that the files look clear, crisp and readable. Apart from high quality, PDFs allow users to customize and copy the text easily, making it the most desired format for printing.   However, using different methods, JPEG files can be converted to PDF format for better-quality printing. Let’s take a look at how it works:

Method 1: Software

Several converter apps available on Microsoft Store can be used to convert JPEG files into PDF format easily. The majority of these softwares works in a similar way, where the users are required to upload the file, select the desired format and voila! work is done.

Method 2: Microsoft Paint

Don’t have a stable connection to the Internet? no worries. You can now convert your JPG files to PDF format using Google Photos. Select the desired JPEG image in Google Photos and select the ‘three-dot menu’ in the top-right corner. Choose Print and, tap on the drop icon, and select ‘Save as PDF’.   Takeaway From the above article, we can conclude that the PDF file format is a much better option for printing. We hope this article helped our readers understand some major differences between the two, JPEG and PDF. Stay connected for more such content!