How to convert jpg to pdf on android?

Most of us are aware of the process of converting files on Windows, but how to convert JPG to PDF on Android? Well, it's quite easy to convert files on an Android phone. In today’s article, we will discuss the same; let’s take a look. Read this article to know how to convert JPG to PDF on Android:

Method 1: Online File Converter

Many online file converters and websites can convert JPG to PDF on android in just a few seconds. All you must do is upload the file you wish to convert and select the desired format, and voila! you are done. Apart from changing the file format, users can also easily increase or decrease the file size. One such online file converter is Smallpdf.
Follow these steps to convert JPG to PDF on Smallpdf:
  •   Go to Smallpdf’s website by searching it on Google.
  •   Tap on the option, Convert JPG to PDF.
  •   As you tap the convert button, an expandable menu will appear. From this menu, you can upload to choose your file from various sources like devices, dropbox and Google Drive.
  •   You can also adjust the quality, dimensions, margin, etc.
  •   Select the Convert option, available in the top-right corner of the screen.
  •   Save your PDF.

Method 2: Using Apps

Using converter apps is one of the most convenient ways to convert JPG files to PDF format on android, as you can use it for free, even without the internet. Hence, it makes the task easy when the internet is inaccessible or unstable. Some apps charge a fee and provide additional perks. Some of the widely used converter apps include PDFelement, Doc to PDF Converter and CamScanner. 

Method 3: Through Google Photos

Converting JPG TO PDF on android with the help of Google Photos is an amazing hack that not many people are aware of. Let’s see how it works:
  •   Open Google photos on your Android phone. It is a pre-installed Google app on every android smartphone; however, if your phone doesn’t have the app, you can download it easily from PlayStore.
  •   Select the JPG image that you wish to convert into PDF.
  •   Tap on the ‘three-dot menu’, available in the top-right corner of the screen.
  •   Select the ‘Print’ option.
  •   As you select the ‘Print’ option, you will notice a down icon on the top-right corner that says ‘Save as PDF’.
  •   Select the option ‘Save as PDF’, and your file is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I convert JPG to PDF online for free on mobile?

You can easily convert JPG to PDF online for free on mobile by using Online File Converters like Smallpdf, iLovePDF and apps like PDFelement.

How to convert JPG to PDF online without the software?

The easiest way to convert JPG to PDF without software is through Google Photos. Start by choosing the JPG image, select the three-dot menu, and now select Print. For the final step, tap on the ‘down’ icon and ‘Save as PDF’.

Which app is used to convert JPG to PDF?

Adobe Acrobat, PDFelement and CamScanner are some of the best apps to convert JPG to PDF.

How do I convert a screenshot to PDF on Android?

When you take a screenshot on your Android phone, it gets stored in the gallery in JPG or PNG format. You can convert this screenshot to PDF with the help of Google Photos. Open Google Photos, select the screenshot and tap on the three-dot menu. Now select ‘Print’ and tap on ‘Save as PDF’ after selecting the ‘drop’ icon.


Make sure to read the ‘Privacy Policy’ and conditions before using any Online file converters to keep your documents and images safe from the data breach. We hope that this article helped Android users with the process of converting JPG to PDF. Stay connected for more such content!