5 Best Free PDF to JPG Converters in 2023

In the digital age, the need to convert PDFs to JPGs has become increasingly common. Whether for work, school, or personal use, having a reliable converter can make your life much easier. In this article, we'll dive deep into the top 5 free PDF to JPG converters of 2023, evaluating their features, pros, cons, and overall usability.

PDF to JPG Conversion Tools

Tools Website Link Price
Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat Website Varies (Free trial available)
PDF to JPG Converter by Baltsoft Baltsoft Website Varies (Free version available)
EaseUS PDF Editor EaseUS Website Varies (Free trial available)
PDFSimpli PDFSimpli Website Varies (Free version available)
LightPDF LightPDF Website Free

Adobe Acrobat — Our Choice

Adobe Acrobat is more than just a PDF reader. It's a comprehensive tool that stands out in the realm of PDF conversions. With its online functionality, users can expect top-notch JPG outputs in a matter of seconds.

Pros Cons
Fast conversion process Full software accessible only to pro version users. 
Comprehensive editing tools High Cost for pro version. 
Document protection features  
Batch conversion capabilities  
File compression options  
  Verdict: Adobe Acrobat's user-friendly interface combined with its efficient conversion process makes it our top choice. Its reputation as a reliable tool in the Adobe suite further solidifies its position.

PDF to JPG Converter by Baltsoft

Baltsoft offers a seamless conversion experience. If retaining the original quality of documents is your top priority, this tool won't disappoint.

Pros Cons
Retains original quality Free Version Supports conversion quality up to 150 dpi. 
Batch conversion feature Need to upgrade to the pro version for conversion on mobile.
Supports encrypted documents  
User-friendly interface  
Advanced settings customization  
Verdict: For uncompromised quality and a straightforward conversion process, PDF to JPG Converter by Baltsoft is a stellar choice.

EaseUS PDF Editor

EaseUS PDF Editor is versatile, offering both online and desktop conversion solutions. Its quick three-step conversion process ensures top-level results every time.

Pros Cons
Desktop and online versions available No desktop version for Mac
Supports popular file formats Limited number of files in the free version
Can handle files of any size  
  Verdict: If you're looking for a blend of online and offline conversion capabilities, EaseUS PDF Editor is worth considering.


PDFSimpli stands out for its commitment to personal data protection. With compatibility across various cloud services and a high-speed conversion process, it's a tool that prioritizes user convenience.

Pros Cons
Personal data protection Not the best conversion quality.
Free editing tools available Some features are behind a paywall.
Compatible with major cloud services  
  Verdict: For those who value data protection and cloud compatibility, PDFSimpli is a solid choice.


LightPDF offers a rich set of features for PDF conversions. With support for a wide range of formats and advanced OCR technology, it ensures that text retains its original appearance post-conversion.

Pros Cons
Supports a variety of formats Occasional lags with large files.
Advanced OCR technology  
Web-based, no installation required  
  Verdict: If you're looking for a web-based solution with a plethora of features, LightPDF should be on your radar.

Which is the Best Option?

While each converter has its strengths, Adobe Acrobat emerges as the frontrunner due to its speed, reliability, and brand reputation. However, the best tool for you will depend on your specific needs. Whether it's speed, quality, or user experience you're after, there's a tool on this list that's perfect for you. I hope this article provides a clearer picture of the top PDF to JPG converters available in 2023. Choose wisely based on your needs, and happy converting!